LAK18 Sydney

We were very excited to attend the Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK) conference, this year held in Sydney, Australia. The conference didn’t disappoint. A particular highlight for me was Neil Selwyn’s keynote. Great to see critical theorists being invited to speak – long may the tradition continue!

There were a huge range of excellent presentations and sessions to choose from, an entire track devoted to discourse analytics which was a treat, and plenty of good reading in both the main conference proceedings (research focus) and in the companion proceedings (practitioner track).

LAK is becoming known as a very supportive and collegial conference and I certainly found it so. An opportunity to catch-up with old friends, make some new ones and finally, meet in person at least one colleague with whom I’ve been working at a distance for a while!

The full proceedings are available here, companion proceedings here and our own practitioner paper on Quantext development is here. A practitioner paper from Dr Irina Elgort, who led an investigation into MOOC discussion forum posts and used Quantext for preliminary analysis, is here.

Irina presenting, Analysis of student discussion forum posts in a MOOC: proof of concept
at LAK18, Sydney


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