Quantext Workbench is a blog about enhancing teaching and learning. It is designed to support the use of Quantext, a text analysis tool for teachers, but you don’t have to use Quantext to make use of the blog.


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Quantext pilot study

Together with our project partners, Dr Irina Elgort from Victoria University of Wellington and Associate Professor Cathy Gunn, from the University of Auckland, we were delighted to receive confirmation recently that Ako Aotearoa have generously agreed to co-fund a Quantext pilot study. The funds will allow us to complete case studies, with a range of pedagogical … Continue reading Quantext pilot study

Handy links

The following list of links is a tiny sample of writing, presentations and tools that we’ve found especially thought provoking, engaging or useful.  If you’re a teacher or educational researcher who wants to explore the links between language, learning and teaching, these links are a good starting point. If you’re handy with Python or R, we … Continue reading Handy links

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