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Learning analytics in the classroom
We were very excited to receive in the mail, a copy of Learning Analytics in the Classroom: Translating Learning Analytics Research for Tertiary Teachers. Edited by Jason Lodge, Jared Cooney Horvath and Linda Corrin, the book is divided into 5 broad sections, beginning with two chapters introducing theoretical perspectives. This first section is followed by, chapters on understanding learning through analytics, learning design and learning analytics and learning analytics in the classroom. The final section of the book deals with implementing analytics in the tertiary sector through the lens of two seperate, nationally funded, projects; one in Australia and the other in New Zealand. These sections combine to provide good coverage of developing learning analytics research, introduce the relationship between learning analytics and learning design and provide many pointers for both practice and further reading.

Together with colleagues from the University of Auckland, Cathy Gunn and Claire Donald, we contributed a chapter dealing with text analytics in the classroom. It provides background to using computers to analyse text, surveys a range of approaches and applications and concludes with a practical demonstration of text analytic methods to evaluate students' written responses to a conceptual question. It is written for teachers who would like an overview of the text analytic landscape. Our aim was to demystify what is an increasingly complex and rapidly developing field and one which may have profound implications for how we go about both teaching and learning.

You can preview the book on the Taylor Francis website:

Learning Analytics in the Classroom
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